TOUCHDOWN! - What Football is Teaching Us about Brain Injury

October 7, 2012

With the NFL and College Football seasons upon us, the air is filled the chill of autumn; the smell of grills cooking up our favorite tailgating foods; and, the sound of excitement for our favorite teams. Everyone is thinking about touchdowns and celebration, but hardly anyone is thinking about concussions and life-changing injuries.

While concussions and traumatic brain injury are a sensitive topic when we talk about someone who was hurt in a car accident, or probably whenever a lawyer talks about brain injury, , the growing epidemic of head injuries and their life-long consequences are garnering more and more attention in the world of sports. These conversations are making a sensitive subject like brain injury more visible.

Over the next several months, I will be writing a series of blogs with the latest updates from the NFL, NCAA, and how players, coaches, doctors, attorneys, and institutions are learning and dealing with concussions and head injuries. As car crash attorneys and victims, we can learn from the stories, studies, and solutions being discovered in football every day.

As an introduction, I have found extremely helpful this info page on concussions from the Centers for Disease Control and sponsored by the NFL and the NFL Players Association

Of particular note are the following points the CDC and NFL note about the importance reporting symptoms following a possible concussion:

  • Your brain is the most vital organ in your body
  • Practicing or playing while still experiencing symptoms can prolong the time it takes to recover and return to play
  • Unlike other injuries, there may be significant consequences to "playing through" a concussion
  • Repetitive brain injury, when not managed promptly and properly, may cause permanent damage to your brain.

Tune in every Sunday for a new post for the lessons we are learning from America's

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