What NOT to do after a Car Crash

October 3, 2012

The trauma and confusion in the moments following a car crash is overwhelming for many people. Too often, people refuse to take an ambulance or go to the emergency room out of concern over the cost of the medical bill or the hopeful thinking they will be fine if they just go home and get some rest. While we cannot blame people for making this choice for either of these reasons, we can tell you this is the WORST decision you could make for your health and legal rights following a crash.

Remember this:

  • Michigan's No-Fault Insurance law provides for unlimited coverage for medical treatment reasonably necessary for injuries arising out of the crash.
  • You don't need health insurance to take an ambulance or go to the
    emergency room - if you are driving your own insured vehicle or are a
    passenger in another vehicle, you will be covered under Michigan's No-Fault
  • "Only" having PLPD or "No-Fault" insurance means you have FULL medical
    coverage - even buying the minimal coverage for your car entitles you to all
    the same medical benefits as someone who has "Full" coverage.
  • Serious injuries, especially concussions, are not visible but could be
    dangerous and life-threatening if not evaluated immediately following the
  • Insurance companies will "Red Flag" your claim if you wait too long to see a
    doctor after the crash.

With all of these reasons in mind, remember what your mother always told you - it's better to be Safe than Sorry!

Brandon M. Hewitt is a litigation attorney, and he also helps new clients in the early stages of their auto accident lawsuits. Brandon prides himself on advocating for seriously injured people whose lives have been turned upside down after serious car and truck accidents.